Naomi Osaka announces she’s pregnant, vows to play in 2024 Australian Open: ‘Every day is a new blessing’

Naomi Osaka shocked tennis fans Saturday after withdrawing from the 2023 Australian Open a week before the event. Osaka didn’t give a reason for withdrawing at the time, prompting questions and speculation about her absence.

Osaka ended those discussions Wednesday (1/11/23), when she revealed she is pregnant.

Osaka, 25, made the announcement on Twitter. She showed off a picture of an ultrasound and wrote a letter to fans talking about her newest adventure.

Osaka talked about her excitement for the pregnancy, saying, “Every day is a new blessing and adventure.” She said she can’t wait “for my kid to watch one of my matches and tell someone, ‘that’s my mom.'”

At the end of that letter, Osaka said she intends to be back for the 2024 Australian Open. If the event takes place at its normal time, Osaka would have roughly a year from Wednesday to train and get back on the court. Osaka did not announce when she’s due to give birth.

Photo: Naomi Osaka is pregnant, she announced on Twitter. (Photo by Robert Prange/Getty Images)

Chris Cwik