Patrice’s song is top soca hit

Photo: Patrice Roberts’ song Mind My Business is the worldwide number one soca song of 2022, the Soca Source said.

The Soca Source has said Patrice Roberts’s song, Mind My Business, is the worldwide number one soca song of the year.

The song which was released on December 19, 2021, has been dominating the year, the Soca Source said in a media release.

Penned by Mical Teja and produced by Dan Evens and Travis World, Mind My Business quickly became a favourite. The phrase, drink water and mind my (your) business, became the mantra of many. Much to the surprise of Roberts, the song’s virality on social media platforms was not solely in Caribbean circuits, the release said.

The Soca Source article published on December 10, 2022 under the heading, Patrice Roberts’ Mind My Business: Worldwide No 1 Soca Song of the Year, identified the song’s success as “a milestone not only for the artist but for the soca genre overall.”

On hearing the news, Roberts said, “Learning of Mind My Business being the #1 worldwide soca song reinforces the potential of soca music and the need for support from the diaspora.”

Additionally, Roberts recognises that “public opinion is very important but statistical data is equally important and holds extreme value.” Both Roberts and her team are focusing on understanding her statistics, the release said.

Receiving another accolade from the youth-driven music platform Audiomack, Mind My Business is one of the 50 Best Songs of 2022. Audiomack describes the hit song as “a playful anthem at the buzzer of 2021” and “the motto for 2022, 2023, and beyond.”

Professionally, 2022 has been rewarding for Roberts. Mind My Business also captured the attention of NPR Music. First on its listing of Top 10 Songs of 2022 of NPR Music 2022 Staff Picks: Nikki Birch is Mind My Business. The article’s author, Nikki Birch, choice of songs and albums are purely based on the impact on her, the release said.

Roberts expresses gratitude for, “Every bit of support and feedback that I have received throughout my career and more so in 2022.”

Thus far, her Carnival 2023 contributions Sugar Cake and Bles have been receiving tremendous support, the release said.

Roberts will be hosting her now signature event Strength Of A Woman on February 15.

Now that we all know who the top female Soca artist is, not only for 2022 but period. Do we know who the top male Soca artist is not only for 2022 but period?

For starters, I can throw in a few names including Bunji, Kes, Voice, Iwer & Machael. Feel free to add your choices to the list and also tell us who your choice is for the top male Soca artist for 2022 and period.

 I would go further and state that Patrice Roberts is the best Soca artist period for 2022.

 Contribution by Howard Hughes