TNT Tax Collection Board Goes After Billions.


TTRA Going After $15b in Unpaid Taxes.

As the Board of Inland Revenue (BIR) begins to seize the accounts of errant business owners for unpaid taxes totaling some TT $15 billion, Trinidad and Tobago Revenue Authority (TTRA) board chairman Nigel Edwards has advised taxpayers to get their taxes in order.

Speaking to Guardian Media on Wednesday, Edwards emphasized that due to numerous tax amnesties in the past, there was now no excuse for tax evasion.

He also revealed that once the TTRA becomes operational, it will continue the BIR’s mission to recoup unpaid taxes.

Last week Thursday, the BIR seized the accounts of the T&T Radio Network (TTRN), the parent company of radio stations 96.1 We FM, STAR 94.7 and 107.7 Music for Life, owned by Anthony “Chinese Laundry” Chow Lin On, over $34 million in unpaid taxes.

Without commenting directly on Lin On’s case, Edwards said, “There are studies that articulate that there is a tax collection gap as high as $15 billion. Our objective is to close that gap within the first three years by increasing tax collection by $10 billion, and that is an achievable objective.”