I have been yelling at the TV for over 2 seasons that both Tom Thibodeau & Julius Randle should go. Despite the short-term success which coach Tom brought to the team standings, I strongly believe that in the long-term interest of the team that Tom needs to be replaced.

It appears that Tom has some poor management qualities which may be preventing him from excelling in the team’s progress. He seems to be vindictive, stubborn and lacks play-vision, especially during games. He sticks with the original game-plan and is unwilling to manage game-plans throughout the entire 48 minutes of the game.

Far too often, Tom falls asleep on the job and then wakes up screaming at the players.

If you make no changes then there will be no improvements to the game.  

The only thing that is constant in life is change.

When the captain is abhorrently not playing well, Tom does not make decisive strategic innovative moves to change the trajectory of the game. Julius Randle plays good in segments of games.

Julius is not consistent. Playing good does not always mean scoring high points every night, but consistently playing intelligently and playing with the winning frame of mind. It seems that Julius plays well when he is feeling like it or in a good state of mind. It appears that his feel-good mood starts from home.

There is no doubt that the team has very good individual players but Julius, as well as other players may need some psychological training to take their game to another level, But for now NOT with the Knickerbockers. Time is of the essence! So, both Tom & Randy got to go.

It appears that the entire team mainly depended on one man to save the team,

The team bright star & savior is Brunson. The best move that the franchise has made in many years. Thank you, Brunson, you deserve full recognition from the Knicks owners.

RJ, Quickley, Grimmes & other players tremendously failed the team.

Most of the team players were too indecisive with their performance and far too often squandered big leads.

I guess when there is little leadership, anything can be expected including let downs and failure.

For the betterment of the Knicks & the Knicks devoted Fans!

Also, the league needs to reduce the total amount of qualifying games. It appears to be affecting the health of players and hurting the efficiency & efficacy of the players.