US Increases Limits On Weapons Export


US Govt plans further limits on civilian weapons exports to 36 countries, including Jamaica.

The Biden administration has proposed additional limitations on weapons exports to several countries, including Jamaica, in what it says is a bid to reduce the number of US-made civilian firearms being used in crimes overseas. 

Under the new rules, specialists will now have to screen their clients and restrict sales to 36 nations that are “high-risk” for the illegal diversion of semi-automatic weapons more thoroughly. 

The US State Department has assessed that 36 nations are at high risk of misuse or diversions, thus the new interim final rule places limits on exports to non-governmental uses in those countries. 

The division will utilize a presumption of denial for commercial transactions in those countries.

They include countries in the region such as Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and The Dominican Republic.

Secretary of Commerce for the US Gina Raimondo, who announced the initiative, said the days of exporting military-style weapons to civilians in unstable countries are over. 

The agency put a stop to most US-based weapons specialists in October 2023.

The agency said on April 26 that the halt will end on May 30, the day the new limitations go into force.

The Commerce Department projects that the 36-country limitations will cut US firearm exports by approximately seven per cent, or US$40 million, out of the US$600 million average yearly shipments.

Prince Moore