Tobago to get 18 buses


Regular users of the public bus service in Tobago can expect to see more buses on the roadways as early as next week.

Speaking at a People’s National Movement (PNM) rally in Tobago on Sunday night, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said government acted quickly when it learnt that just two buses were in operation on the island, with the rest of its fleet down for repairs.

Rowley said representation on behalf of Tobago was made to the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) to ensure that the bus service in Tobago runs at full complement.

“We put things in place to have some buses from Trinidad come to Tobago to augment and we took the Tobago buses that required serious and extensive maintenance down to Trinidad and we took time to maintain them.

We brought in the parts, we put the workers to work and I can tell you now, those buses have begun to come back here and by the end of this week and the week coming there will be 18 buses on the road in Tobago.”

Rowley added that it is in Tobago that the prospect for growth exists, as he spoke on the proposed Sandals project.

The Prime Minister noted government’s stated intention to increase the number of hotel rooms on the island assuring that the marketing efforts will be “Tobago for all the people involved in tourism in Tobago.”

He promised that Tobago would receive its fair share, “whatever the size of the cake on the national table”.