Written by Howard Hughes 12-15-23.


Peter De Lion is the future of Parang, he is the Parang Boss.

PETER DE LION, sobriquets “Peter De” or De Lion of Parang.

Peter De Lion’ is a new face and a blessing to the world of Parang music and has come in with a roar, making an indelible and substantial acquisition in the Parang music industry. He has only been officially recording sweet, tantalizing festive Original Parang, Soca Parang & Chutney Parang since 2021.

His timing couldn’t have been more measured than now as his entrance has heralded a great opportunity for the smooth continuance and growth of Parang music. There is a time for everything and everyone. And now it’s Peter De’s time.

Peter De’ musical career was highly influence from his boyhood days with his ancestors, some of the early pioneers of Parang culture. From his early tender age, he grew up listening and learning while being inspired and indoctrinated among the great elders of Parang music.

Peter De Lion is not new to Parang but true to Parang. Parang is in his DNA. Parang is Peter.   

Peter De further his development and went through “Parang University”, which includes being able to play a guitar, cuatro, bass and the maraca (Shack-shack).

Peter has introduced “Tilian Parang” which is his own novel style and brand of Parang Music to the indigenous pulsating sounds of Trinidad & Tobago.

I refer to his new unique brand & style of Parang music as ‘Tilian Parang Music’. In a future article I will explain why ‘Tillian’ as I continue to follow and study more of his releases. But his brand is infinitely new and his own futuristic style, different to many other well-known styles.

Peter’s brand of Parang music can be known as “The Lion King of Parang Music. His music has a very impactful roar of a lion. It immediately draws your attention and attraction.

Just like Scrunter “The Hunter” his immediate impact and influence was immediately felt by the music industry with his own special innovative brand.

T&T’s most popular Soca Parang singer, Scrunter personally introduced and endorsed Peter De to his first big stage show in Queens, New York two years ago and Peter De’ has not stopped, with his fast-paced growth and trajectory.   

Scrunter (Ir­win Reyes John­son) is one of his mentors and he admires his long list of not only Soca Parang classics but his total list of Soca hits.

Peter De’ wants to publicly thank Scrunter for being very instrumental in securing his biggest show performance, so far, in Queens, New York in 2022 which continued in 2023 and promises to be an annual staple going forward.

Peter De’ is one of the most requested Parang artists for 2023 Christmas festivities, especially in the USA, where he has already performed at over 6 events for the month of December alone. He recently performed in Queens, New York with the two living legends of Soca Parang, Scrunter and Crazy. Also, in November 2023 he performed at several shows in South Trinidad.

Peter De Lion continues to be busy for the rest of the Christmas season in Trinidad & the USA.

Parang lovers can’t seem to get enough of the man Peter De Lion.

Peter De Lion is the future and the future surely looks bright and promising for the young talented and gifted entertainer. 

Within the last three years of his recordings, Peter De Lion has amalgamated 10 mega hits which include:

1) Ah Ready To Parang (2021).

2) Eating Ah Food (2021).

3) Seis Pasos (2021).

4) El Nacimiento (2022).

5) Cassa Parranda (2022).

6) Parang Jumbie (2022).

7) Parang Go (2023).

8) Lost Meh Dulahin (2023).

9) El Sereno (2023).

10) Santa Leave (2023).

All Peter De’ songs can be seen and heard on the free YouTube channel.

Peter De’ is available for all type of engagements not only at Christmas time but year-round, as he promises to help make Parang music a more dominant music, just as Soca music has become.

Peter De Lion can be reached at email: Tel: 1.347-200-2060.

Photo: Peter enjoying a day with the Soca Parang legend, Scrunter at Scrunter’s Forrest Kingdom in Toco, Trinidad.

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