PM Rowley’s Washington DC Visit Described as Fruitful


PM Rowley’s Washington DC Visit Described as Fruitful. Venezuela A Major Topic

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley on Tuesday said fewer countries in the region now want a military intervention to oust Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro. He made the comment during a press briefing held upon his return from his trip to Washington DC.

The Prime Minister recalled that in January at the Organisation of American States, there had been emphasis placed on military intervention against President Maduro which was promoted by the Lima Group. Dr. Rowley explained that Trinidad and Tobago and CARICOM did not support such a tactic and noted that since that time, nothing of that nature has materialized. He, however, said it still could not be ruled out.

The Prime Minister also told the media that Trinidad and Tobago recently abstained from a vote that would have urged the intervention in the politics of Venezuela as promoted by the Rio Treaty. Chile, Costa Rica and Panama also abstained. Another vote on the Venezuelan situation will be taken very soon, explained Dr. Rowley, highlighting that this another vote at the OAS on regime change in Venezuela, would follow.

Dr. Rowley said his fruitful and direct talks with congressmen in the US has led to a commitment that US congressional committees would soon meet to discuss Venezuela, in addition to the possible threat to the Caribbean’s financial sector. Added to that, the congressional committee will visit T&T on October 8th.

The Prime Minister told the media that most of his interactions in the US centred around the situation in Venezuela.

Photo: Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley