T&T Public Service Association (PSA) President Watson Duke, Charged, Convicted & Sentenced


Duke fined $1,200 for making false fire report

Public Service Association (PSA) President Watson Duke has been fined $1,200 for making a false fire report in 2017.

Duke, who was found guilty of the offence by Magistrate Avion Gill in March, was sentenced by her during a virtual hearing, a short while ago.

In passing the sentence, Gill said that Duke was of previous good character but noted that the offence was serious as it potentially affected the State’s resources.

Gill imposed the highest fine possible for the offence but did not apply the associated three-month prison term because of Duke’s good character.

In the event that Duke fails to pay the fine in a month’s time, he will be forced to serve three months in prison.

Before the hearing ended, Duke’s lawyer Travers Sinanan gave notice that his client intends to appeal.

According to the charge, Duke was accused of tripping a fire alarm at the Arima Borough Corporation’s office at Hollis Avenue, Arima, during a protest on September 19, 2017.

Under the Fire Services Act, the offence carries a maximum penalty of a $1,200 fine and three months imprisonment.

The case was prosecuted by Veona Neal-Munroe.

Photo: PSA President Watson Duke

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