RIHINNA: From Destination Superiority to Rihanna’s 2 Billion Streams- Barbados is Having a Hell of A Month So Far!


Barbados seems to be having the BEST MONTH EVER!

Alison Hinds, Peter Ram, Rihanna, Deejay Puffy and all of the other Barbadian superstars now have a lot more to smile about when they rep their Bajan flag, this as the island has topped the Destination Satisfaction Index (DSI) for 2017.

Barbados came in #1 out of 144 countries across the world, beating out Seychelles and Bermuda who came in second and third respectively. The announcement was made and awards presented to a Barbados delegation during a ceremony at ITB Berlin, the world’s leading travel trade show held in Germany this week.

So what’s the DSI? The DSI was developed and executed by two European research companies – Norstat and dp2research, and it’s a metric that measures the overall valuation of a holiday destination based on the factors travelers find most attractive.

The survey, which took place last year featured some 70,000 travellers from around the world resulting in 1.4 million responses, covering over 20 categories including Beaches, Accommodation, Airlines, Security, Cuisine and Shopping; person between the ages 15-75 years old travelling for business and leisure. Barbados made an overall world score of 8.8/10 and also ranked highest in the Accommodation category, and highest in the Americas region ahead of Bermuda and the Bahamas.

Photo: Rihinna


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