“As I gathered my thoughts I realized that now adding salt to the deep wound, are those trying to downplay the importance racism, xenophobia, jingoism, and misogyny played in this election. The very things that so many of us were consistently told weren’t a part of America. And too many deny the impact it has on continually disenfranchising communities.

“Many questioned why I sat in silent protest. People questioned why Kapernick knelt in silent protest, and even questioned if I wasn’t anti-American.

“Yet, all the ideas we are consistently told aren’t a part of America, propelled a man to the presidency of the country of my birth. He did so stripping out all the usual code words and phrases, leaving and encouraging unabashed bigotry, using patriotism as an accelerant.

And the party that so often said they didn’t believe in these things, while pushing policies that said different, was rewarded with increased power for creating this candidate.

“I take some solace in history showing us that ‘this too shall pass.’ This is the expected backlash for progress being made. This type of response goes as far back as Reconstruction. After a period of lament those of good consciousness will step forward and organize to turn the ship back.

I hope New York City will be a beacon for that fight.  Unfortunately, it will not happen without tremendous damage to real human beings, families and communities. How much damage depends on how quickly we are honest with what happened on Nov. 8 and why it happened?

In the coming days, I hope to gather my thoughts, position back to positive mindframe and provide any help I can. It’s ok to grieve for a night. Still we all must prepare to put on our boots, organize, and prepare for the morning.

“For those who ask why I sit in silent protest, I could say it is because this country is headed for the Presidency of Trump – a billionaire who said the most vile and bigoted things. So much so, he was officially endorsed by the Klu Klu Klan.

A man whose candidacy was described by the head of the American Nazi Party as a ‘wonderful opportunity, which may never come again.’  His presidency didn’t happen accidentally, but with zeal and excitement from half of this country.

“Instead I prefer to end with this quote:

‘He who doesn’t understand your silence, will probably not understand your words.’ -Elbert Hubbard”

Photo 1: Council Member Jumaane D. Williams sitting in silent prayer during the Sept. 14 stated. Photo Credit: Nick Smith, NYC Council

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