Top picks for the Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival

The Trinidad + Tobago film festival opens on Tuesday, promising a jam-packed week of feature-length films and shorts from the twin isle, the wider region, and the wider world.

Whether it’s your first time attending or you’re a veteran cinephile, we know that trying to pick which movies to see in such a short space can be a bit overwhelming.

Thankfully, our film critics, Sommerleigh Pollonais and Tracy Hutchings previewed a number of this year’s offerings and shared their top picks and recommendations.

From documentaries to animated, drama to horror, there’s a film to suit everyone’s taste.

To get more info on their recommendations and the full list of films, check out trinidad + tobago film festival’s film index.

Be sure to follow Sommerleigh and Tracy as they share more reviews as the film festival progresses.

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