Dozens Of Passengers Protest Swoop Airlines Check-In Counter After COVID-19 Mix up


Toronto, Canada (April 19th, 2022) – Dozens of families were turned away at Pearson Airport after Swoop Airlines failed to update their staff on the current COVID-19 travel policies.

When passengers arrived at the check in for Swoop Flight WO644 to Montego Bay, Jamaica, they were shocked when the airline staff told them that they would require a Negative COVID-19 test prior to boarding.

As of April 16th, Jamaica’s travel website announced that the Island will be relaxing its entry requirements and no longer require the negative COVID-19 test. Apparently, Swoop didn’t get the memo and sent dozens of passengers reeling to the Switch Health counter in Terminal 1 to get a last-minute test to the tune of $70 each.

Despite the confirmation email sent to passengers indicating they visit the Travel Jamaica website, the airline staff refused to accept this evidence when produced by multiple passengers. When asked to show proof of the airline policy, the airline could not produce documentation. They eventually produced an expired update, dated March 1st. 

“This is crazy, I don’t know what to do.” said a woman with two small children.

An airline staff told one passenger “You can argue or you can miss your flight.”

After a protest broke out at check in, Swoop staff began directing passengers to customer service, which doesn’t open until 10am Eastern, 45 minutes after the flight is due to board. Andre Newell