Poder Latinx Celebrates Pride Month With A Packed Agenda

NATIONWIDE – In celebration of Pride Month, Poder Latinx will hold a month-long, art-focused civic engagement campaign to increase awareness about the political power of Latinx LGBTQIA+ voters in national and municipal elections and encourage more LGBTQIA+ Latinxs to register to participate in races up and down the ballot. The campaign will primarily engage LGBTQIA+ Latinx voters in Arizona, Florida, and Georgia, with events centered around LGBTQIA+ issues. 

In addition, Poder Latinx will be partnering with local and national organizations to uplift Immigrant Heritage Month by highlighting the intersectionality of immigration and LGBTQIA+ liberation issues. By participating and collaborating in local demonstrations, town halls, digital conversations and other activities, Poder Latinx is working to end the inhumane conditions suffered by trans and queer people while in detention centers, and to push for the Equality Act as a way to deliver dignity and justice to people of color and LGBTQIA+ communities. 

“At Poder Latinx we believe in the intersectionality and diversity within our own Latinx community and acknowledge that we come from diverse backgrounds, sexualities, genders and walks of life. Poder Latinx is a womyn, queer-led organization, which continues to honor and uplift the LGBTQIA+ community from within.e believe that in order to move a strong Latinx agenda, we must do it collectively, centering trans and queer folks of color in our work,” said Adonias Arevalo, national organizing director at Poder Latinx. “As an immigrant and member of the LGBTQIA+ community, it’s so important for us to be speaking to and about our own experiences. The movement for LGBTQIA+ rights depends on diverse coalitions of allies to help champion our cause.” 

“Pride is central to our community; it symbolizes that we should be unapologetically proud of who we are. This Pride Month, Poder Latinx is excited to be joining forces with so many partners on various platforms to continue educating our community on LGBTQIA+ issues,” said Esteban Garces, co-executive director at Poder Latinx.

In addition to several nationally profiled events, Poder Latinx will be hosting local events in each of their key states of Arizona, Florida, and Georgia to promote Pride Month.


June 11, Music Video Release w/ Las Cafeteras | “La Sirena”: A music video featuring the story of a person who is falling in love with a mermaid. The video was led by and features members of trans and queer POC communities, including Poder Latinx’s National Organizing Director Adonias Arevalo, who plays the character of Sicarya/Sirena in the video. 

Info will be released on our Facebook Page

June 30, Con Mucho Orgullo Facebook Live Conversation | A Conversation with Trans and Queer leaders from across the country on how to continue building an intersectional movement in our organizing spaces and strategies. 

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June 29: Drag Voter Squad Re-Launch | Community Social Event (Info Session on voting rights and changes at the legislature)

The Drag Voter Squad was first launched during the 2020 elections, that showcased trans and queer drag entertainers in a voter protection campaign through community education, digital outreach and in person engagement events. Due to the high and negative impact of recent voter suppression bills in Arizona, Poder Latinx will get ready to launch the program to ensure LGBTQ voters are informed about recent changes at the legislature. 

Info will be released on our Facebook Page


June 14:  5 p.m. ET IG Live: Li Ann Estrella | This Instagram Live event will focus on a lack of support for queer detainees in detention centers for Latinx people.

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