CARNIVAL: Trinidad and Tobago: The Mecca of all Carnivals


Trinidad and Tobago: The Mecca of all Carnivals

By Eve George

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — In a global bouquet of beautiful women, handsome men and an array of colour, the splendour of Trinidad and Tobago’s 2018 Carnival celebrations triumphed over the ISIS terrorist plot to detonate bombs and cause destruction.

From every vantage point along the roadways, spectators feasted their eyes as bands displayed their finery and completely enjoyed doing so.

The Crees of Canada, the most famous of the Indian tribes from the top half of the North American continent, paraded in their colourful trappings to the sinuous rhythm of calypso.

Enchanting women of the band Harts danced all the way through the wide open spaces of the streets of St Clair, Woodbrook, Port of Spain.

Trinidad and Tobago, land of mystery, land of spectacle, land of sorcery and witchcraft, land of politics, land of kaiso, soca and calypso, a land where the good, the bad and the ugly is used to create art to form the greatest show on earth.

Thank you to the American, British, Canadian, Russian and Trinidad and Tobago governments for working together to bring about a safe and terror-free Carnival period, making this Carnival celebration 2018 the greatest show on earth.

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