Belize tourism soars above Caribbean average, U.S. visitors lead the pack


Tourism in Belize is booming, a review released by the Central Bank of Belize today shows.

“In the first half of the year, stay-over visitors to Belize soared by 16.7% to 199,204, outpacing the 4.0% increase for the Caribbean as a whole.

Visitors arriving by air were up by 21.5% due to intensified marketing efforts, increased airlift capacity and lower international airfares.

US visitors rose by 25.1%, increasing the share of total arrivals from that market by 4.9 percentage points to 73.3%.

Visitors from Europe grew by 4.3%, while Canadian visitors were down by 15.8%. The share of visitors from Europe (EU) and Canada represented 9.3% and 6.0% of total visitors, respectively,” the Central Bank of Belize said.

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